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One of our core beliefs is that it’s better to reduce than to simply offset, especially when it comes to energy consumption. It’s a fact that large data centres are necessary to the operation of any web hosting company. It’s also a fact that most data centres consume large amounts of energy and that more than half of that energy is utilised for cooling and air conditioning. That’s why we host our servers in a Green Data Centre. By utilising advanced Outside Air Cooling technology, we’re cutting our cooling costs by nearly 70% and reducing our carbon output by more than 2,000 tons per year.

Traditional data centres run Computer Room Air Conditioners (CRACs) nonstop, cooling the hot air generated by the servers and recirculating it. Outside Air Cooling, instead, vents hot air out of the building entirely and brings cooler air in, only cooling it through the CRAC units when high outside temperatures or humidity makes it necessary. This new technology greatly reduces the energy consumed by the data centre for cooling purposes.

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Server Features

SSD, Solid State Drives

SSD Drives 20x Faster

Like a memory stick, there are no moving parts to an SSD. Rather, information is stored in microchips and thus having a faster read and write speed. Unlike other hosting companies, Unify Hosting lets you use solid-state drives to host all types of data.


Shared cPanel

cPanel is a Linux based server management tool that uses a graphical user interface to make hosting easy for people of all skill levels. It has the tools for easy site automation with CRON, allows users to check resource usage, setup domains, and all the other things needed for server management.

php 7

php 7

PHP 7 is a major release of PHP programming language and is touted to be a revolution in the way web applications can be developed and delivered for mobile to enterprises and the cloud. This release is considered to be the most important change for PHP after the release of PHP 5 in 2004.

server security

Security Features

We take the utmost importance in our customer’s security. Our servers are equipped with Corero’s DDoS protection that automatically detects and mitigate DDoS attacks, and Patchman’s Malware detection - a security protection which automatically scans and detects malware vulnerabilities. So relax, we know how important security is to you, and we’ve got a top-notch team to help prevent such hack attacks.

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