WordPress Suspend Astra Theme for 5 Weeks

 Monday, August 17, 2020

We recently heard news that WordPress have put their foot down with the makers of the one of the more popular WordPress themes, Astra.

To begin with, we thought this was just another fake news story doing the rounds. However today we see that Astra have posted about the alleged suspension on their Facebook page and indeed it is true. 

Brainstorm Force; the organisation behind Astra Theme, have been handed a five week suspension from WordPress for alleged violations of WordPress prohibitions of adding affiliate links into theme programming. 

Brainstorm Force have been quick to react and released a new version of Astra theme without the affiliate linking code present, however the WordPress Theme Review Team; at this stage, are not backing down on the length and seriousness of the suspension. 

The Astra theme has been completely removed from the WordPress repository which will affect 1 Million users worldwide.

Does this affect my website?

You'll need to check if your website is using Astra Theme. To do this, you will need to:

  • Login to your administration area on WordPress
  • Navigate to Appearance > Themes
  • You are looking for the first theme in the list. It will also have a [Customise] Button and [Active] 
  • If this first theme is Astra, then your site is using the Astra theme.

What shall I do?

At this stage, don't worry. We don't advise that you find another theme as this can drastically alter the way your website looks.

Remember this is only a 5 week suspension period and we are confident Astra will be back in the WordPress theme repository.

If you do however upgrade plugins on your website; as you should, and notice that your website does not look right, or something has broken, open a support ticket with our support team and we will manually update your Astra theme directly from the Astra GitHub site.

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