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20th Aug 2020

Hassle Free Automated Website Backup - Just got cheaper!

Hassle Free Automated Website Backup Just got cheaper! What is CodeGuard? CodeGuard is an automated website backup service that runs in the background of your website. CodeGuard works by taking daily backups of your website and storing the files as a new file, for example [Monday Backup] [Tuesday Backup] [Wednesday Backup] and so ...

20th Aug 2020

Improve your Image with a professional email address.

Want that professional looking email address? With all Unify Hosting shared hosting plans, you can send emails to your customers with your own personal email address. That's right, you can put aside the Gmail or Hotmail accounts and send emails to your customers with addresses like: - - ...

17th Aug 2020

WordPress Suspend Astra Theme for 5 Weeks

We recently heard news that WordPress have put their foot down with the makers of the one of the more popular WordPress themes, Astra. To begin with, we thought this was just another fake news story doing the rounds. However today we see that Astra have posted about the alleged suspension on their Facebook page and indeed it is ...

13th May 2020

Introducing our new LinuxCloud Servers in Europe

Your Website's New Home   We are investing in Performance and Security for you website! What is CloudLinux? CloudLinux OS is being regarded as the leading operating system platform for multitenancy. It improves server stability, density, and security by isolating each customer and placing them inside of secure container, giving ...